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What is Canine Rehabilitation?


Canine rehabilitation uses techniques much like those used in physical therapy for people to help reduce pain and restore functional mobility in animals.  It also helps to prevent injuries in animals.  Techniques used in canine rehabilitation treatment may include hands-on techniques for stretching and promotion of range-of-motion, exercises to help create balance and strengthening, gait training to help normalize walking, therapeutic laser and acupuncture for pain control, and underwater treadmill for cardiovascular conditioning and weight loss. At Pawlouse Veterinary Therapy we perform a thorough examination on your pet to help develop an appropriate and custom treatment plan.


Physical rehabilitation is beneficial in several ways.  Pets that are having difficulty walking due to pain or having accidents in the house because they are too weak to get up by themselves, would benefit from rehabilitation. Some animals do “pre-hab” to get stronger or lose weight before a procedure because they will recover quicker if they are strong and mobile going into the surgery. Rehabilitation following many surgeries improves the outcome by reducing swelling and returning them to their normal everyday activities. Canine athletes can also benefit greatly from wellness or conditioning programs to improve their athletic abilities and prevent injuries.